The Godine Family Gallery is a student run exhibition space designed to accompany the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The SIM department, founded in 1969, is the first undergraduate major of its kind. Since its founding in 2004, the Godine Family Gallery has been an essential part of the Studio for Interrelated Media department at MassArt, allowing a group of students selected through an application process to have the valuable and unique experience of managing and curating a gallery space.

The function of a gallery, by definition, is to view art, but what happens when a gallery becomes more than just a viewing space? The current Godine team recognizes the Godine Family Gallery as a space that functions as not only a space for viewing art, but as a place for experimentation, collaboration, and community development. The objectives of Godine’s current team are to continue and expand upon these themes through curating and facilitating experiences that challenge the form of the traditional gallery setting while inspiring critical thinking and conversation surrounding art.

Godine is currently under the direction of Ash Wasilewski (BFA Studio for Interrelated Media ’19), Sunny Moxin Chen (Dual BFA Studio for Interrelated Media & Painting ’19), and Journey Temple (Studio for Interrelated Media ’21).